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Automobile Association or the AA was started in 1905 in the UK by a few motorists to help the escape police speed traps. As motoring grew popular and AA members continued to grow, more and more activities or services were taken on board. Today the AA is not only the best known breakdown services provider in the UK, but also through a panel of some of the largest UK insurers provides car insurance policies, travel and home insurance at competitive prices. The company also provides financial services including savings, loans, travel currency cards, credit cards and wills. Driving lessons, tyres, car batteries, windscreen repairs, vehicle inspections, and used care sales are also part of the AA’s business portfolio. AA directly employs over 8,000 people to serve its millions of customers in the UK that inevitably need the AA contact number 0844 545 8999 to call whenever need arises.

The AA is highly recommended for its breakdown services that rescue motorists from any part of the UK. When as a motorist you have bought their cover and experience problems while on the road, you simply need to call the AA number on 0844 545 8999 for the fastest connection to communicate about your problem. Their patrols have one of the best response times, so within a very short time a van arrives at the scene of breakdown to sort out any problems with your car.

AA Contact Number Call: 0844 545 8999

If you choose to be a silver member with AA, they not only cover you while in your car but also while in other people’s cars. You always get a reliable and fast response after calling AA telephone number on 0844 545 8999. Throughout its history, the company has been driven by innovative ideas that have always been successful in setting it apart from competitors. Back in time when the company used patrolmen on bicycles that signaled members to avoid police speed traps, a court ruling declared the practice unlawful as it was obstructing police duty performance. But the company in response devised a code that required patrolmen to always salute members whose cars displayed AA badges, except if there was a police speed trap ahead. Consequently, it wasn’t unlawful for its patrolmen to fail saluting AA members even where a police speed trap was ahead.

When you need to enquire about AA’s loans or get quotes for its motor finance, you only need to speak to the customer service department that forwards your call to the people in charge of the services you need. Although through the company’s official website you can still find valuable information, help and support, specific answers to more specific queries often demand being addressed in direct conversations with a customer service representative or the relevant employees from specific departments. So if you are interested in most AA services, you are likely going to realise that calling the AA customer service number is always the best option. The AA number 0844 545 8999 connects you through in a matter of seconds while a 5 minute call only costs 25 pence (Plus your phone companies access charge)

Time is always of the essence whenever emergencies occur whether at home or on the road. When you grab the phone to call for help you always need a reliable contact number. That’s what the AA helpline is precisely supposed to do for you. A delay in making the call can be potentially costly or even result to irreversible damages. For fast response to emergencies related to what the AA does, call the AA contact number on 0844 545 8999 and the right people will arrive at the scene to bring the rescue expertise needed.


Considering the rich history that defines the AA since it was founded in 1905 and the range of services it offers to its members today, the experience and knowledge retained over the years can only be expected to continue to be a source of innovative ideas. AA members enjoy not only competitively priced but high quality services. However, in order to continue getting satisfaction from the services and even contribute towards their improvement, at times it’s necessary to call the AA contact number on 0844 545 8999. That can be done to request service, make enquiries, give feedback, make complaints, or in many other possible circumstances especially for help and support.

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