BT Anytime plan rip off £90 per year Have you been duped

BT have forced millions of their customers to take up their anytime plan by massively hiking their call rates to a whopping 9.58p per minute. This is now more than 0870 numbers which are charged at 8p per minute.

The Anytime plan costs £90 per year but do you actually save anything?
The plan gives you free calls between 7am and 7pm Mon to Fri but wait a minute I work Mon to Fri 9 to 5 and I leave at 8am and get home at 6pm so that leaves me an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening to take advantage of the “free calls” to call the companies I need to contact but they are not open at these times!

So ditch your plan and save £90 per year which you will be hard pushed to spend on any peak time calls you need to make. If you are canny enough you can save almost half your cost by seeking out almost half price 0844 numbers.

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