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Marks and Spencer also known as M & S is a British multinational retailer that was founded in 1884. This retail firm is headquartered in Westminster, London and has about 703 stores across the United Kingdom (UK). The multi-channel retailer deals in clothing, beauty products, home products and luxury items among a range of services. You can buy M & S products from their onsite stores or online. If you have any questions about M & S products or services, dial the Marks and Spencer Contact Number on 0844 545 7869. This number operates all day and night throughout the year. Your queries and concerns are answered by a representative from the dedicated and professional customer service team.

Marks and Spencer Contact Number 0844 545 7869

Clothing is one of the areas of specialty Marks and Spencer is renowned for. The retail firm sells its own line of clothes which include womenswear, menswear and children’s wear. You can also buy occasional wear from M & S which include wedding wear and formal wear. The retail store also sells unique maternity wear for women, lingerie, night wear and school uniforms. This retail store also has a suit-tailoring service if you want to get it right in a custom-made suit. The bra fitting service is also very beneficial to women when it comes to getting the right bra size. You can call the Marks and Spencer telephone number on 0844 545 7869 to find out more about their cloth wear.

With Marks and Spencer Beauty line, you can enjoy buying a collection of skincare products, makeup, toiletries and fragrances. Some of the brands you can buy include Autograph, REN, Nuxe, Leighton Danny and Philip Kingsley. All of these brands are made to suit different skin types and budgets. Other products in M & S beauty range include gift sets for birthdays and Christmases among other occasions, body and bath sets as well as cosmetic bags. Call the Marks and Spencer customer service number which is 0844 545 7869 to enquire about the availability or prices of your preferred items.

Another important area of specialty that Marks and Spencer deals with is food. At the retail store, you can get an indulgence of various food items and luxury wines and ales. Some food related services that Marks and Spencer offers include Lunch To Go services for official events or business meetings, Food To Order service which may include fresh party platters or buffets as well as cake-making service to any special occasion you want to celebrate. Call M & S contact number on 0844 545 7869 to request for a cake-making service or food service whenever you are having an event. By calling this customer service number, you will be connected to M & S customer representative who will take time to help you through the planning process of your meal arrangement for your big or small event. The Marks and Spencer number will also be very useful if you have any complain to make about the food provided at your event or the service offered in the food provision. Call this number on 0844 545 7869.

For all your interior design needs, Marks and Spencer can be your reliable partner. This retail store has a range of home items which include furnishings, upholstery, accessories, linen, kitchenware, electronics and lighting all at affordable prices. With M & S Energy, you can save on your energy bills by getting the best tariff. By dialing Marks and Spencer customer service telephone number on 0844 545 7869, you will be able to enquire about the current deals or offers M & S is giving on its products. Getting the right information will give you a chance to participate where you can make great savings on particular products offers.

M & S Bank can cater for a variety of your financial needs. Some financial services provided by this retail firm include current and savings accounts, credit cards, Mortgages, loans, insurance as well as M & S travel money that will give you good exchange rates on your currency and easy access to travel insurance deals whenever you are travelling. Contact the M & S customer service number on 0844 545 7869 to get professional help from a financial advisor about the best financial options. Use the telephone number to enquire about additional services offered by M & S.

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New Look Contact Number 0844 545 7866 Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

New Look is an international clothing fashion retailer founded by Tom Sing back in 1969. The ownership changed in May 2015 to a South African billionaire Christo Wiese through his investment vehicle Brait that bought 90% stake. New Look has many high street shops in the UK but over the years has expanded to operate in many countries around the world. The retailer has more than 17,000 employees in the UK alone, while globally it has a total of about 30,000 employees. Customers in the UK conveniently contact the retailer’s customer services for help with their enquiries, orders, deliveries and so on. The fastest connection through to a customer service representative can be guaranteed by calling the New Look contact number on 0844 545 7866.

New Look Contact Number 0844 545 7866

As a global fashion retailer, New Look boasts of more than 1,000 stores. Their flagship stores are mainly in the UK where the company operated since 1969 before later expanding to other locations around the world. New Look has a strong track record of profitability although in a few years ago it experienced growth challenges. Before being bought for £1.9, its growth had resumed and according to the new owners there is high potential for growth in some new markets. Considering the company was founded in the UK and that’s where most of its stores and employees are currently found, many people would be expected to find the New Look number 0844 545 7866 very useful whenever they need help with any possible issues.


New Look offers a wide range of fashion clothing items including menswear, womenswear, teens’ Generation 915, kids clothing, footwear, lingerie, accessories, maternity, petite, tall and plus size. Customers can shop for their latest trendy fashionable clothing online and free delivery is offered for every order that exceeds a certain amount, currently £45. From the time a customer makes an order, there is always need contact the retailer about order status or delivery. Even after delivery, there are many possible issues that may arise and demand contacting the retailer for a solution. Defects could be found, the wrong size or even wrong item, so it may be necessary to use the New Look customer service number 0844 545 7866 for the quickest response and solution.


New Look ranks number 32 in the Top Track 100 largest private companies list. The ranking is based on the sales each of the companies achieves. In the UK, value and volume of sales are the measures considered when ranking private companies, unlike the ranking of public companies based on market capitalisation. New Look’s ranking indicates the importance of its business in the UK. Its high street shops are popular with designers and fashionistas while many customers still make their orders for clothes online. Many people call the retailer’s customer services for reasons often related to enquiries, orders, deliveries, complaints, compliments and so on. The most convenient way to do any of that is by calling the Newlook contact number on 0844 545 7866. That connects you in seconds to talk to a friendly customer service representative.


Brait bought New Look from Apax and Permira, the private equity groups that initially bought it in 2004. New Look had been 6 years afloat before withdrawing from the stock market when Apax and Permira took over ownership. Before selling it to Brait, relisting at the stock market was one of the options considered. Even as Brait takes over ownership, a 10% stake will still be held by the founder Tom Singh and senior management. Customers in the UK will still continue enjoying the experience of shopping at any of the new Look’s shops and being able to call the New Look telephone number on 0844 545 7866 if any issues arise.


After the ownership change, New Look is expected to seek expansion in more markets with high potential around the world. The shops in the UK still remain key to the future of the business. Customers can take advantage of calling the New Look helpline 0844 545 7866 whenever they experience any issues and need help. Friendly stall at the retailer’s customer service department are ever ready to help with any issues reported by customers. Calling the New Look contact number on 0844 545 7866 saves time and also money with per minute charges at 5p(Plus your phone companies access charge).


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