0844 545 7868 Next Contact Number Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

Today Next is the largest fashion retailer in the UK after its sales volume rose to overtake Marks & Spencer since early 2012. The clothing and footwear retailer also providing a range of home products boasts over 700 stores in Europe. Most of these stores are in the UK and Ireland. The British multinational company has seen an accelerated expansion of its retail business in the recent years. Its market share is rapidly increasing and therefore many of its UK customers will need to call the Next contact number 0844 545 7868 for various reasons. The company’s call centres are populated by professional customer service representatives ready to promptly help and provide support as required.

Next Contact Number  Call: 0844 545 7868

Next has continued to record excellent financial results for the year ending January, 2015. The company has significantly increased earnings per share and has been announcing special dividends for its shareholders. Next’s main profit drivers include existing stores, new retail space and online sales growth. 97% of all Next’s retail space has delivered net branch profits exceeding 10%. Online sales account for more than a third of the total sales recorded. Next is therefore working on improving its delivery service and customer services. The retailer recognises that its warehouses and distribution network can contribute even more than its call centre towards improving customer service. If you order anything from Next and realise you need to call for enquiries or to make complaints, simply call the Next telephone number 0844 545 7868 and you will immediately be connected to the retailer’s call centre for help.

Next has 5 product divisions including Womenswear, Menswear, Childrenswear, Women’s Shoes and Accessories, and Home. The retailer continues to focus more on its clothing and footwear designs while also developing and improving its buying processes. The aim is to continue improving the quality of products delivered and customer service. Next is now able to offer next-day delivery services outside the UK to customers in Germany, France and is expanding the same to other European countries. Customers in the UK enjoy even faster delivery services, but when unexpected delays occur it is advisable to call the Next number 0844 545 7868 for the fastest response times from customer services. That not only saves time and avoids frustration, but also saves money with each 5-minute call only costing 25p (Plus your phone companies access charge)

Next ensures faster delivery services can be achieved because it has local distribution hubs in UK and other parts of Europe. Call centres located within and outside UK have also significantly contributed to improved customer service levels. Next has continuously worked on improving its warehouse capacity and distribution capabilities and has achieved great success so far. Its call centers not only have capacity to handle more enquiries and complaints but also to provide first time solutions. These factors have significantly contributed to business growth in the UK as well as other countries where Next stores are present. When you need help and support with any issue, calling the Next customer service number on 0844 545 7868 is guaranteed to provide the most convenient option.

Through LABEL, Next has increased the sales of third party brands. These brands were previously sold through the NEXT Directory before the launch of LABEL. Non-competing premium brands are offered to over 4 million customer base taking advantage of Next’s next-day delivery service offered through the retailer’s warehousing and distribution network. Whether you need to make enquiries related to clothing and footwear from Next or any of the third party brands available through LABEL, you can always rely on calling the Next helpline 0844 545 7868.

Since Next is now the largest UK clothing and footwear retailer, the company is making more efforts to maintain its position in the market. More sales are increasingly generated online and the retailer is therefore focusing on providing more help and support for its online platform. Customers can expect an improved online shopping experience with Next. More information about products offered by the retailer is made available on their website. However, even with such improvements sometimes customers still encounter difficulties which are best resolved after making a telephone call to customer services. It is in such cases when calling the Next contact number on 0844 545 7868 for more reliable help and support becomes necessary.

Telephone Customer Service is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected or has any affiliation to Next. The direct contact number can be found in the public domain or on their official website.

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