0844 545 7893 House of Fraser Contact Number Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, Plus your phone companies access charge Calls to 01,02 & 03, can cost 11.5p per minute!

House of Fraser is a popular British department store and has over 60 stores in UK and Ireland. The store’s origin dates back in 1849. The chain store deals in a variety of household items, clothing for men women and children as well as beauty products and accessories. You can buy the stores products from local stores or via their website. Call the House of Fraser contact number on to enquire more about their products. A customer service agent will promptly pick up your call and answer all your questions concerning the chain store’s products and services.

House of Fraser Contact Number 0844 545 7893

It is very convenient to buy items from House of Fraser online site. If you are encountering difficulties in the buying process, dial House of Fraser telephone number on for a step by step process that you can easily understand. A representative from the friendly customer service team can also help you buy items over the phone if you are not willing to visit your local store or buy online. These buying options can allow you save your time and money that you would use in visiting an onsite store. It makes sense to buy items online or over the phone if you don’t live near one of Fraser’s chain store.

After buying items from House of Fraser, you can settle your payments through different options. Acceptable means of payment that you can use to pay for items bought from the store include House of Fraser Account card, Recognition FraserCard, House of Fraser Gift Cards, PayPal and major credit or debit cards. There are however some payment options that are not accepted for particular items at House of Fraser. Items with restricted payment options include large kitchen appliances, fabrics and accessories s well as made to measure curtains. By dialing the customer service number on , you can ask a customer service representative about the ideal payment option to use for the product you are intending to buy.

If you have bought a product from House of Fraser, you can ask for particular details like order confirmation and the delivery date of the item. Feel free to dial the House of Fraser customer service number on to confirm if your order has been received and the expected date of receiving your item. For international deliveries, the store offers the Express service and the Standard service. If you want your item to arrive really fast, you will have to pay a little more for the Express service. The Standard service can work for you if you are not in too much hurry to receive the item you have bought.

House of Fraser has a variety of wedding items and accessories which you will find very useful. Most of the items are sold at discount prices. From the store’s site, you can buy a gift, create a gift list or manage your gift list. Call the customer support helpline on to get assistance of creating your own list or help in picking out ideal gifts.

If your Fraser card was stolen or lost, contact the customer service team. The customer service helpline is also useful to report suspected fraudulent transactions. The House of Fraser number to call when reporting these cases is . This is more convenient than using emails which may take hours to days to be responded to in such urgent cases. You can still call this number if you need help in activating your card and in managing your account.

House of Fraser welcomes customer’s complaints. It does not matter whether you are a new or existing customer. All customers are treated equally. If you are not happy or satisfied with your purchase, you can return your item for a full refund within 2 weeks of purchase. After receiving the item, the store will credit to the payment card account within 14 days. Directly call the House of Fraser contact number on if you wish to return an item you are not happy with or if you wish to get a refund. Any other complaints about the store’s services can promptly be reported via this number that is staffed by dedicated and professional customer service team.

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Mothercare Contact Number 0844 545 7881 Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

Mothercare is a leading British retailer that deals in merchandise for pregnant mothers and for children up to 8 years old. This retail store targets the UK market and has franchises around the world. If you are unable to buy their products from onsite stores, you can still use the online option from the convenience of your home. The store sources its products overseas. The retail group specializes in a variety of items for mother and child that include breast pumps, toys, clothing, pushchairs, car seats, videos among many others. There are items for maternity, bath, feeding and nursery for mothers. If you have any queries about Mothercare’s products or services, call the Mothercare contact number on 0844 545 7881. This number is in operation 24/7 and a customer representative from the team of dedicated experts will promptly answer your call to your satisfaction.

Mothercare Contact Number 0844 545 7881

You can buy Mothercare products and items from your nearest store or buy online and have them delivered to your home or place of work. The retail store offers a range of delivery options that will suit your needs. Incase you are not home when Mothercare delivers your item; the delivering agents may leave it at your neighbor’s place and leave a card to advise you. Another option that the store may take is to leave you a card that will advise you to rearrange the delivery at your most convenient time. Mothercare also makes international deliveries. Exclusive items delivered across borders include maternity items, baby and children’s clothing. Delivery charges will depend on the weight of your order and your destination. Website exclusive items and large or bulky items may take a little longer to deliver. You can check on the order summary pages or product information from the stores website on how long it would take to get such items. The Mothercare number to call is 0844 545 7881 if you have any concerns regarding deliveries.

A car seat is an important item parents can buy for their baby from Mothercare store or from their website. If you want to get a seat that fits your child and your car, call the customer service number for assistance on 0844 545 7881. The store offers “free safe fit” service after buying a car seat from them. Some selected stores provide the fitting service for free and provide their customers with a detailed checklist to ensure that the child is always safe with every drive. Call the customer service number if you want Mothercare’s trained experts to check if the seat you have bought from them fits your baby and your car.

Mothercare allows mothers to create gift lists on their website which they can share with their friends and family. To make a gift list, you have to register for an account. If you already have an account, log in and find your gift lists. Next, find an item that you like and click on “Add to Gift List” button. The item you have selected will be added to your gift lists. If you still find challenges in creating a gift list or adding an item to the gift list, dial the Mothercare customer service number on 0844 545 7881 for prompt assistance. A professional and friendly advisor will take you through a step by step process.

If you are not sure about the direction of your nearest Mothercare store, contact the Mothercare telephone number on 0844 545 7881 for more information. You can also take an opportunity to enquire about the opening hours of your local store if you wish to check out or buy some items.

If you are an expectant mother or a mother, you can join Mothercare club. Joining this club makes it easy to access a variety of items for your family, children and the baby on the way at exclusive offers. As a club member, you can benefit from money-off vouchers, discounts for birthday items, previews of sales and get personalized emails to inspire you throughout your pregnancy and after delivery as your baby grows. Call the number 0844 545 7881 which is Mothercare helpline to get assistance on joining the Mothercare Club.

Incase you have received faulty items and don’t know what to do, call the customer service helpline to get direct customer care assistance from Mothercare agent. If you want to get an e-receipt, have your details removed from the mailing list or get assistance after your order has been cancelled, dial Mothercare contact number on 0844 545 7881. You can still use the same number if you have any other complaints to make.

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Gumtree Contact Number 0844 545 7938 Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

Gumtree is a popular online classifieds and a community-oriented website. In the UK, it is the largest website for online classifieds from local communities. There are different types of product categories listed for sale at Gumtree.com. Ads for some categories are free to list while others are paid for. The website is among the top 30 websites in the UK ranked according to the numbers of visitors. Many people in the UK therefore list their ads on the website and may often need help and support. Gumtree is a customer-focused business and therefore goes the extra mile in helping communities to make use of its platform. Many help resources are of course available online, but users can also call the Gumtree Contact number 0844 545 7938 when they need the fastest response.

Gumtree Contact Number 0844 545 7938

Gumtree targets a broad audience that appeals to all types of businesses. People use the website to look for virtually every type of product or service offered for sale. You can look for houses, cars, jobs, unique artifacts and much more. A lot can be found because the ads listed every single day can be more than 100,000 and every month at least 1.7 million live ads are recorded. In 2015, 3,503,377 ads were created during the month of March alone. If you live in the UK and need to create an ad on the website for the first time, you may want dial 0844 545 7938 for the fastest connection to a member of staff at Gumtree to provide the necessary assistance.

Recent online audits indicate that Gumtree receives 56.9 million visits on a monthly basis. The number of unique visitors per month is at 8.6 million. If the steadily growing number of visitors is anything to go by, Gumtree seems to be headed in the right direction and will continue to provide valuable audiences to businesses and consumers across the sectors. The category car classifieds has grown significantly and as of 2015 more than 13,000 cars are posted on daily basis. That makes Gumtree now the biggest consumer-to-consumer (C2C) car listing website in the UK. If you need to list a car and need help to do it, call the Gumtree telephone number on 0844 545 7938 for the fastest response.

Gumtree Contact number

Gumtree’s slogan goes as “Turn your stuff into cash.” That indicates that a diversity of stuff can be listed for sale on the website. There are numerous interactions among users on the website, while Gumtree also boasts of a very strong social media presence where more interactions are also expected. Most of the ads listed are linked to genuine stuff and users, while a small percentage of ads may be potentially linked to scams. There are news reports from sources like The Guardian and BBC Watchdog revealing how some users fell victims to scams taking advantage of the Gumtree website. If you notice any ads you suspect to be not genuine, you may want to call the Gumtree number on 0844 545 7938 to confirm they are okay before you proceed to engage anyone behind them.

When Gumtree was founded in 2000, it was meant to serve London alone for local classified ads, and also to connect people from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. People moving from or arriving in the city needed help with accommodation, finding jobs and meeting other people. It was in 2005 when eBay acquired Gumtree at a time when it had already spread to many cities and different countries across the continents. It however, remains more popular in the UK than in any other country.

Gumtree keeps growing and including more diverse categories of products much like eBay. As a community website, it affects people in many ways as they can connect with each other while also taking advantage of the opportunity to find virtually anything legal allowed for listing in the classifieds. Gumtree has also been actively involved in popular culture, from inspiring a 2014 Hollywood movie, Tusk, to becoming the official sponsor of the Big Brother including its associated media. To know how you can take full advantage of the website, whether as a consumer or business, you will need to call the Gumtree customer service number on 0844 545 7938. After a quick connection, you will be talking to its experts and they will assist as appropriate. When you dial 0844 545 7938 you will also save money as calls cost only 5p per minute (Plus your phone companies access charge).

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Marks and Spencer Contact Number 0844 545 7869 Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

Marks and Spencer also known as M & S is a British multinational retailer that was founded in 1884. This retail firm is headquartered in Westminster, London and has about 703 stores across the United Kingdom (UK). The multi-channel retailer deals in clothing, beauty products, home products and luxury items among a range of services. You can buy M & S products from their onsite stores or online. If you have any questions about M & S products or services, dial the Marks and Spencer Contact Number on 0844 545 7869. This number operates all day and night throughout the year. Your queries and concerns are answered by a representative from the dedicated and professional customer service team.

Marks and Spencer Contact Number 0844 545 7869

Clothing is one of the areas of specialty Marks and Spencer is renowned for. The retail firm sells its own line of clothes which include womenswear, menswear and children’s wear. You can also buy occasional wear from M & S which include wedding wear and formal wear. The retail store also sells unique maternity wear for women, lingerie, night wear and school uniforms. This retail store also has a suit-tailoring service if you want to get it right in a custom-made suit. The bra fitting service is also very beneficial to women when it comes to getting the right bra size. You can call the Marks and Spencer telephone number on 0844 545 7869 to find out more about their cloth wear.

With Marks and Spencer Beauty line, you can enjoy buying a collection of skincare products, makeup, toiletries and fragrances. Some of the brands you can buy include Autograph, REN, Nuxe, Leighton Danny and Philip Kingsley. All of these brands are made to suit different skin types and budgets. Other products in M & S beauty range include gift sets for birthdays and Christmases among other occasions, body and bath sets as well as cosmetic bags. Call the Marks and Spencer customer service number which is 0844 545 7869 to enquire about the availability or prices of your preferred items.

Another important area of specialty that Marks and Spencer deals with is food. At the retail store, you can get an indulgence of various food items and luxury wines and ales. Some food related services that Marks and Spencer offers include Lunch To Go services for official events or business meetings, Food To Order service which may include fresh party platters or buffets as well as cake-making service to any special occasion you want to celebrate. Call M & S contact number on 0844 545 7869 to request for a cake-making service or food service whenever you are having an event. By calling this customer service number, you will be connected to M & S customer representative who will take time to help you through the planning process of your meal arrangement for your big or small event. The Marks and Spencer number will also be very useful if you have any complain to make about the food provided at your event or the service offered in the food provision. Call this number on 0844 545 7869.

For all your interior design needs, Marks and Spencer can be your reliable partner. This retail store has a range of home items which include furnishings, upholstery, accessories, linen, kitchenware, electronics and lighting all at affordable prices. With M & S Energy, you can save on your energy bills by getting the best tariff. By dialing Marks and Spencer customer service telephone number on 0844 545 7869, you will be able to enquire about the current deals or offers M & S is giving on its products. Getting the right information will give you a chance to participate where you can make great savings on particular products offers.

M & S Bank can cater for a variety of your financial needs. Some financial services provided by this retail firm include current and savings accounts, credit cards, Mortgages, loans, insurance as well as M & S travel money that will give you good exchange rates on your currency and easy access to travel insurance deals whenever you are travelling. Contact the M & S customer service number on 0844 545 7869 to get professional help from a financial advisor about the best financial options. Use the telephone number to enquire about additional services offered by M & S.

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PC World Contact Number 0844 545 7848 Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

PC World is one of the largest chains of superstores retailing a wide range of computers for the mass market. It is headquartered at Hemel Hempstead, UK was founded in 1991 but in 1993 joined Dixons Retail. Today the brand combination of Currys PC World is seen on many physical stores in the UK. Customers can order different types of IT products including PCs, laptops and tablets either from physical stores across the country or online. The most convenient way of making enquiries about any of the products from the PC World is by making a telephone call. Many people in the UK interested in finding out available products and prices therefore use the PC World contact number 0844 545 7848 which guarantees the fastest response.

PC World Contact Number 0844 545 7848

When PC World was purchased by Dixons Carphone (then Dixons Group plc) in 1993, it had only 4 stores. After that expansion followed with acquisitions and establishment of more stores. By the year 2006, PC World had about 163 stores spread all over the UK and Ireland. The business has since then continued to grow with many strategic moves along the way. Today most of the PC World’s customers access information online about products and make their orders. Free deliveries are offered for online purchases of desktop PCs, laptops, iPads, Tablets, computer hardware like hard drives and much more. You can call the PC World number on 0844 545 7848 to confirm anything about any product you would like to order.

As one of the most trusted retailers of computing gadgets and accessories, PC World represents offers from all the major brands of computers, mobile gadgets, printers and all types of computer hardware. The retailer employs thousands of employees including the staff that populates its customer service department. Help and support is provided for each of the products offered considering they are technical in nature. The online platform provides a great source of information including buying guides and technical details of each product. If a customer experiences any problems after ordering products from PC World, the easiest way to get help is by calling the PC World helpline on 0844 545 7848.

Even though PC World is a retail giant in the UK, it has since 2005 received a lot of criticism in relation to extended warranties, marketing and sales tactics, level of staff competence, customer satisfaction and many other aspects. The retailer has tried several measures to rescue its reputation, but independent surveys like Which? still continue to give some of the lowest customer satisfaction ranking in the UK. Many customers often complain of being mislead about the quality of some products and repair services that PC World provides. If you have any complaint to make against the retailer, the PC World telephone number 0844 545 7848 will quickly connect you through to a customer service representative and your issue will be followed up for an appropriate solution.

PC World has previously operated with stores in many European cities but currently it only focuses on the UK market. Stores in other European cities were closed by the parent company. PC City was the name used for stores in locations outside the UK. There were PC City stores in Spain and Italy. With all the current business operations concentrated in the UK market, customers can take advantage of the PC World customer service number 0844 545 7848 because it not only guarantees the shortest wait time but also saves money. Every five minute call costs only 25p and that could be particularly more helpful where no extended warranty has been purchased. For calls on hardware issues, customers without extended warranties could easily end up spending as high as £1 per minute.

As PC World continues to take measures to improve its reputation and customer satisfaction, the impact of its presence in the UK market over the years is not to be ignored. Many customers today still order their PCs, laptops, tablets, iPads and peripherals from local physical stores or online. Many possible problems including technical issues that may arise would definitely require customers to get in touch with staff at PC World. That is absolutely made convenient using the PC World contact number 0844 545 7848.

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New Look Contact Number 0844 545 7866 Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

New Look is an international clothing fashion retailer founded by Tom Sing back in 1969. The ownership changed in May 2015 to a South African billionaire Christo Wiese through his investment vehicle Brait that bought 90% stake. New Look has many high street shops in the UK but over the years has expanded to operate in many countries around the world. The retailer has more than 17,000 employees in the UK alone, while globally it has a total of about 30,000 employees. Customers in the UK conveniently contact the retailer’s customer services for help with their enquiries, orders, deliveries and so on. The fastest connection through to a customer service representative can be guaranteed by calling the New Look contact number on 0844 545 7866.

New Look Contact Number 0844 545 7866

As a global fashion retailer, New Look boasts of more than 1,000 stores. Their flagship stores are mainly in the UK where the company operated since 1969 before later expanding to other locations around the world. New Look has a strong track record of profitability although in a few years ago it experienced growth challenges. Before being bought for £1.9, its growth had resumed and according to the new owners there is high potential for growth in some new markets. Considering the company was founded in the UK and that’s where most of its stores and employees are currently found, many people would be expected to find the New Look number 0844 545 7866 very useful whenever they need help with any possible issues.


New Look offers a wide range of fashion clothing items including menswear, womenswear, teens’ Generation 915, kids clothing, footwear, lingerie, accessories, maternity, petite, tall and plus size. Customers can shop for their latest trendy fashionable clothing online and free delivery is offered for every order that exceeds a certain amount, currently £45. From the time a customer makes an order, there is always need contact the retailer about order status or delivery. Even after delivery, there are many possible issues that may arise and demand contacting the retailer for a solution. Defects could be found, the wrong size or even wrong item, so it may be necessary to use the New Look customer service number 0844 545 7866 for the quickest response and solution.


New Look ranks number 32 in the Top Track 100 largest private companies list. The ranking is based on the sales each of the companies achieves. In the UK, value and volume of sales are the measures considered when ranking private companies, unlike the ranking of public companies based on market capitalisation. New Look’s ranking indicates the importance of its business in the UK. Its high street shops are popular with designers and fashionistas while many customers still make their orders for clothes online. Many people call the retailer’s customer services for reasons often related to enquiries, orders, deliveries, complaints, compliments and so on. The most convenient way to do any of that is by calling the Newlook contact number on 0844 545 7866. That connects you in seconds to talk to a friendly customer service representative.


Brait bought New Look from Apax and Permira, the private equity groups that initially bought it in 2004. New Look had been 6 years afloat before withdrawing from the stock market when Apax and Permira took over ownership. Before selling it to Brait, relisting at the stock market was one of the options considered. Even as Brait takes over ownership, a 10% stake will still be held by the founder Tom Singh and senior management. Customers in the UK will still continue enjoying the experience of shopping at any of the new Look’s shops and being able to call the New Look telephone number on 0844 545 7866 if any issues arise.


After the ownership change, New Look is expected to seek expansion in more markets with high potential around the world. The shops in the UK still remain key to the future of the business. Customers can take advantage of calling the New Look helpline 0844 545 7866 whenever they experience any issues and need help. Friendly stall at the retailer’s customer service department are ever ready to help with any issues reported by customers. Calling the New Look contact number on 0844 545 7866 saves time and also money with per minute charges at 5p(Plus your phone companies access charge).


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Selfridges Contact Number 0844 545 7879 Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

Selfridges is a private retail company that was founded back in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge. Its headquarters are located at Oxford StreetLondon, UK. The company comprises of a chain of departmental stores in London, Manchester and Birmingham. These are high end stores with the one opened in 1909 and located at Oxford Street in London being the second largest in the UK. The architectural designs of Selfridges stores makes them more like tourist attractions. Customers find shopping at any of the stores a fun experience because of the innovation and excellence behind their designs, displays and policies. Many customers are attracted to the stores and from time to time may want to contact customer services department for many different possible reasons. The Selfridges contact number 0844 545 7879 is the most convenient way any customer can get connected through to a customer service representative for assistance whenever needed.

Selfridges Contact Number 0844 545 7879

Since it was founded in 1909, Selfridges has always been driven by innovative marketing strategies and customer services. Some of their techniques used since the establishment of the Oxford Street store today have been adopted by modern departmental stores worldwide. Customers shopping at any Selfridges store enjoy unique experiences with fun and discover a myriad of attractions. Incase of any need to make enquiries, register complaints or give feedback on their shopping experiences, customers make calls and Selfridges customer service department promptly responds. If you ever need to make such calls, the number to dial for the fastest connection is 0844 545 7879. It not only saves time but also money as every 5 minute call costs only 25p (Plus your phone companies access charge).

Window displays are synonymous with the Selfridges brand and their designs have always been characterized by bold art. That is one of the things that keep attracting tourists. Fashionistas and designers frequently visit the stores to marvel at the various items on displays. The windows always have exciting displays that keep up with all the latest trends on styles and fashion. Selfridges offers a wide range of women and men fashion items, home and technology products, beauty products, kids products, foods, drinks and much more. All the major high end brands are displayed at Selfridges stores. If at some point you would want to order any of their products and would need any help, calling the Selfridges telephone number 0844 545 7879 is the best option to get connected to a customer service representative.

Selfridges has a strong online presence so customers can conveniently find products and shop from the comfort of their homes. Globally, Selfridges is voted as one of the best departmental stores. They offer a unique online shopping experience to their customers. When customers order products online, they often find the need to call and confirm the status of their order delivery or to report any unexpected issues discovered with products already delivered. Selfridges has good reputation of managing its communications with customers and incase any issues are reported are promptly addressed. The Selfridges number 0844 545 7879 can be very useful to any customer who may need to call for such reasons.

Whenever Selfridges has any special deals to offer to its customers, information may be easily available online at their website. However, customers who are not familiar with online platforms or at any given time for any reasons are not able to access or find the information online, calling customer services is always the best option. If you were searching for the number that can easily connect you to the Selfridges customers services for such purposes, just dial 0844 545 7879 and in a few seconds will be connected through to a friendly customer service agent with all the answers you need at their fingertips.

As a high end departmental store differentiated by high quality standards and value, Selfridges keeps improving customer service and attracting more customers. That is one of the factors that have kept its growth accelerating over time. Even though a lot of information about its range of products and services is available online, customers still need to speak to customer service agents for a variety of possible reasons. That is why the Selfridges contact number 0844 545 7879 is an indispensable option. Call it whenever any need arises and you will appreciate the timely help you will get.

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Currys Telephone Number 0844 545 7865 Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

Currys is an electrical retailer with numerous stores across the UK and Ireland. The retail store is owned by Dixons Carphone and specializes in selling household appliances, home electronics, computing items and entertainment products among many other products. The UK-based store offers a number of services in their stores and on their online platform. Such include order and collect services which also feature reservations, delivery and tracking of orders, price promise for in-store and online buys, home appliance installation and recycling, product repairs as well as protection of your goods through professional care plans. For any enquiry about Currys products and services, call the 24 hour Currys telephone number on 0844 545 7865. Your call will be picked promptly and answered by a customer representative from the dedicated and professional customer service team.

Currys Telephone Number 0844 545 7865

At Currys customers can order for their goods online and pick them from their nearest stores. Some of the items you would want to buy online and check them out at your local retail store include dishwashers, TVs, refrigeration and kitchen appliances among other items. If you are shopping by brand and want to confirm if your preferred item is available or any other concern about the item you have bought, simply dial the number 0844 545 7865 for prompt customer service.

Currys deals in a range of items and services all which demand separate attention. By calling the Currys customer service number which is 0844 545 7865, you will be put through to a customer care agent and your queries are always directed to a specialist in the field in question who is willing to give you sufficient answers and address any concerns in the best way possible that will suit your understanding.

After buying items from Currys website, it is possible to track your order. When you buy a large item from the retail firm’s store or online, you will need an order confirmation code usually provided after buying the product. To track the delivery of your product to your home, you will need to type the given code, phone number and your postcode in an online form at Currys website. For more information on how to track your items call 0844 545 7865 for assistance on how to go about with the process.

As a Currys customer, you can order for items online and collect them from their onsite stores. The retail store’s reserve and collect service allows you to choose a product and retain it from their website which you can later collect from their store.  Another service that you can benefit from is the pay and collect service which enables you to pay for a product available in Currys’ website but not available in the store. Once you make an online order, preparation for delivery of your product will begin. This service allows you to pick your product at your own convenient time. Call the Currys customer care number for assistance on online buying, payment and help on collecting your items. The Currys number to call is 0844 545 7865.

If any product that you have bought from Currys develops a fault, you can always return it to the nearest Currys store as long as it is under warranty. You only need to take your proof of purchase with the damaged product. The staff at the store will inspect the product to determine the extent of the damage. Depending on the product’s warranty policy, the damaged product will be replaced or booked for repair. If you bought a product online and it has developed a problem before the warranty period is over, don’t worry on your next move. Directly call the customers helpline number on 0844 545 7865 for further assistance on getting your fault item replaced or repaired.

If you want to repair your item yourself, you can visit Currys nearest store. Calling the Currys technical team for assistance is however the most convenient way that will help you speak directly to a knowledgeable staff member who will give you a step by step repair process and other suitable ways of repairing your product. To contact an agent from Currys knowhow team, call Currys telephone number on 0844 545 7865. This number is open 24 x 7 and will allow you to get technical assistance on a recent product you bought or air any complain regarding Currys customer services. 

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0844 545 7868 Next Contact Number Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

Today Next is the largest fashion retailer in the UK after its sales volume rose to overtake Marks & Spencer since early 2012. The clothing and footwear retailer also providing a range of home products boasts over 700 stores in Europe. Most of these stores are in the UK and Ireland. The British multinational company has seen an accelerated expansion of its retail business in the recent years. Its market share is rapidly increasing and therefore many of its UK customers will need to call the Next contact number 0844 545 7868 for various reasons. The company’s call centres are populated by professional customer service representatives ready to promptly help and provide support as required.

Next Contact Number  Call: 0844 545 7868

Next has continued to record excellent financial results for the year ending January, 2015. The company has significantly increased earnings per share and has been announcing special dividends for its shareholders. Next’s main profit drivers include existing stores, new retail space and online sales growth. 97% of all Next’s retail space has delivered net branch profits exceeding 10%. Online sales account for more than a third of the total sales recorded. Next is therefore working on improving its delivery service and customer services. The retailer recognises that its warehouses and distribution network can contribute even more than its call centre towards improving customer service. If you order anything from Next and realise you need to call for enquiries or to make complaints, simply call the Next telephone number 0844 545 7868 and you will immediately be connected to the retailer’s call centre for help.

Next has 5 product divisions including Womenswear, Menswear, Childrenswear, Women’s Shoes and Accessories, and Home. The retailer continues to focus more on its clothing and footwear designs while also developing and improving its buying processes. The aim is to continue improving the quality of products delivered and customer service. Next is now able to offer next-day delivery services outside the UK to customers in Germany, France and is expanding the same to other European countries. Customers in the UK enjoy even faster delivery services, but when unexpected delays occur it is advisable to call the Next number 0844 545 7868 for the fastest response times from customer services. That not only saves time and avoids frustration, but also saves money with each 5-minute call only costing 25p (Plus your phone companies access charge)

Next ensures faster delivery services can be achieved because it has local distribution hubs in UK and other parts of Europe. Call centres located within and outside UK have also significantly contributed to improved customer service levels. Next has continuously worked on improving its warehouse capacity and distribution capabilities and has achieved great success so far. Its call centers not only have capacity to handle more enquiries and complaints but also to provide first time solutions. These factors have significantly contributed to business growth in the UK as well as other countries where Next stores are present. When you need help and support with any issue, calling the Next customer service number on 0844 545 7868 is guaranteed to provide the most convenient option.

Through LABEL, Next has increased the sales of third party brands. These brands were previously sold through the NEXT Directory before the launch of LABEL. Non-competing premium brands are offered to over 4 million customer base taking advantage of Next’s next-day delivery service offered through the retailer’s warehousing and distribution network. Whether you need to make enquiries related to clothing and footwear from Next or any of the third party brands available through LABEL, you can always rely on calling the Next helpline 0844 545 7868.

Since Next is now the largest UK clothing and footwear retailer, the company is making more efforts to maintain its position in the market. More sales are increasingly generated online and the retailer is therefore focusing on providing more help and support for its online platform. Customers can expect an improved online shopping experience with Next. More information about products offered by the retailer is made available on their website. However, even with such improvements sometimes customers still encounter difficulties which are best resolved after making a telephone call to customer services. It is in such cases when calling the Next contact number on 0844 545 7868 for more reliable help and support becomes necessary.

Telephone Customer Service is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected or has any affiliation to Next. The direct contact number can be found in the public domain or on their official website.

John Lewis Contact Number Call: 0844 545 7867 Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

John Lewis is the largest departmental store in the UK with 31 stores and has existed since 1864. The retail stores stocks over 350,000 separate lines of products which are categorized as home, fashion and technology. The store also runs a website which allows customers to shop from the comfort of their homes from anywhere in and outside the UK. You can also buy top brands from the departmental store and get the best value for your money. John Lewis excellent customer service and great deals has made the store very popular. If you are wondering how to contact the store and discuss about their products or make complaints, dial 0844 545 7867. This is the John Lewis contact number that you can directly call to have your queries answered by an agent from the dedicated customer service team.

John Lewis 0844 545 7867

All John Lewis retail stores are committed to delivering the highest level of service from their multichannel approach in location stores, internet shopping, call centres, mobile app and product shopping to customers’ location. You can shop using any platform that is convenient for you. Most of the John Lewis stores feature free Wi-Fi access that keeps you connected to the world for the best shopping experience. Whenever faced with difficulty with any of the shopping platforms, contact John Lewis customer service number on 0844 545 7867 for professional guidance on your next step. It is also convenient to shop from the departmental store using the contact number.

If you shop using the “My John Lewis” membership card in location stores, over the internet or by phone, you might be lucky to get rewards from the store. John Lewis uses the membership card to understand their customers and tailor the rewards to individual customer taste. Contact the customer care number to get help on how to apply and use the membership card.

 John Lewis Contact Number Call: 0844 545 7867 

At John Lewis, you can shop for items that you will not find in an ordinary store. The departmental store is a one-stop shop where you can buy trendy clothes from top brands, home décor, electronics, kids toys and sports equipment among other items. There are special offers for the range of products sold at John Lewis retail store. To know about the special offers, call the John Lewis telephone number on 0844 545 7867. 

Other than serving customers across the UK, John Lewis has millions of international customers who shop online. If you are shopping outside the UK, you can contact John Lewis number on 0844 545 7867 to enquire about the most convenient payment method. The departmental store also delivers orders made online to customers living outside the UK. John Lewis international delivery service is very effective in timely delivery of items ordered across the borders no matter their size or value.


Another service offered at John Lewis is insurance. The departmental store works with reputable insurers to offer their customers multiple insurance products and services. You will always get an insurance cover that will suit your needs. Some of the insurance covers given by John Lewis store include life cover, home insurance, car insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance, wedding insurance and event insurance. All of these insurance covers are offered at great values which might also differ depending on the kind of protection you want. By calling John Lewis customer service telephone number on 0844 545 7867, you will be connected to a John Lewis insurance advisor from the customer support team. The advisor can help you understand more about the covers and how much you are supposed to pay for insurance cover you want.

Clarification with the stores customer service team is always necessary before making a financial decision to take cover. The number 0844 545 7867 is the John Lewis helpline that will get you connected to an expert underwriter to get an in-depth understanding of your particular cover and a quote for the same.

John Lewis store sells quality products that are also up to set standards as the law demands. The store welcomes queries and complaints from its customers concerning their products. For more information on where the store sources its products, call 0844 545 7867 directly. This is the John Lewis contact number that will be picked by a customer friendly agent once you call. The agent will address all your concerns including assistance on getting refunds, replacements or other complaints. Your communication with John Lewis will always create room for improvement and is always appreciated.

Telephone Customer Service is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected or has any affiliation to John Lewis. The direct contact number can be found in the public domain or on their official website.