Tax Credits Helpline 0844 545 6559 Calls to our 0844 number cost only 5p per minute, plus your phone companies access charge.

To talk to HMRC about your Tax Credits or eligibility for Tax Credits, you should dial our Tax Credits Helpline on: 0844 545 6559 now. This number will take you through to a general menu from which you can selection the option that best fits your reason for calling.

Telephone Customer Service offer this number as a signposting service only which will contact you to Tax Credits but with whom we are in no way affiliated to. An alternative number can be found on their website. See Terms and Conditions

It’s really important you ensure you’re getting what you’re entitled to in terms of benefits and Tax Credits. If you’re in any doubt, this is the number to call – the HMRC Tax Credit customer service team will be able to assist you.

Other Tax Credit phone numbers:

  • Working Tax Credit Phone Number – Call: 0844 545 6555
  • Child Tax Credit Phone Number – Call: 0844 545 7839

There are two different types of Tax Credits available from the government. Working Tax Credits are available to people working under a set level of hours per week, earning under a set threshold. Eligibility for Working Tax Credits can be established at your local Job Centre Plus. Ensuring that you take advantage of Working Tax Credits if you’re eligible for them means you’ll have more money in your pocket – a real life-saver in a time when wages are frozen in many jobs, but bills are increasing.

The other form of Tax Credit is Child Tax Credit. If you have at least one child or you care for a child full time, you are entitled to Child Tax Credits. Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits are not mutually exclusive of each other – lots of claimants are eligible to claim both forms of Tax Credit.

tax credits number

In order to talk to HMRC about your Tax Credit eligibility you can call on 0844 545 6559 now! If you’ve got a question that you can’t find the answer to online it doesn’t make sense to struggle or go without Tax Credits that you’re eligible for – just call our Tax Credits Helpline now on 0844 545 6559 to get the assistance you require.

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