Asda Contact Number Call: 0844 545 7873

Asda is a UK-based supermarket chain that is headquartered in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The supermarket retails groceries, clothing, toys and general merchandise. Asda Stores Ltd. also offers financial services and through EE network a mobile phone network branded as Asda Mobile. Asda is American owned and a subsidiary of Walmart since July 1999 and has grown to become UK’s second largest supermarket chain in terms of market share. With its range of retail products, services and the number of customers, Asda often receives calls from customers over a myriad of issues. When you need to make enquiries, report any fault or issue you may have with any product purchased from Asda, call the Asda contact number 0844 545 7873 and after speaking to customer service agent will get the necessary help.

Asda Contact Number  Call: 0844 545 7873

After becoming the subsidiary of Walmart, Asda introduced larger stores than its competitors. It however has about 20% less product lines that its rivals. The supermarket has also introduced many new non-food stores or Asda Superstores numbering about 231 in total. About 29 Asda Supercentres which are larger than the Asda Superstores are also found in key locations in the UK. In some cases the branding has both Asda and Walmart, but most of the recent stores are only branded as Asda. Since there are Asda stores around the UK, if you ever wanted to find out the closest store you would only need to call the Asda number 0844 545 7873 for help with the directions.

Asda also delivers groceries to customers in the UK. That may at times demand that customers order using telephones, but more options are also available online. If you are one of the customers and have an account for which a customer number is assigned, you may at some point need to contact Asda if any issue with your account needed to be fixed. Calling the Asda customer service number 0844 545 7873 is one of the most reliable options for customers in the UK. With all the millions of customers Asda supermarket chain serves across the UK, issues as diverse as they can be would always need to be addressed. Some customers would call customer services while other would prefer other options like online live chat, email and the like. It really depends on your circumstances and preferences.

Asda has an online e-commerce website where customers can order any of its product lines and have the items delivered to their addresses. That is a great way of allowing many customers to do shopping from the comfort of their homes. A great deal of information is available online to make the ordering process and delivery thereafter as smooth and quick as possible. You would find different options to request for help and support also available online. If you are looking for more generic information, that might help you. But sometimes circumstances and the issues you might have demand that you get a more specific solution. In such cases, talking to someone will guarantee you a more specific response or solution to your problem. You should therefore not hesitate to call the Asda helpline 0844 545 7873.

Asda has one of the busiest customer services departments in the UK. Many average customers would always prefer to call whenever they have issues. It makes sense to argue that a human voice is more reassuring when customers are looking for help with any issues they have with products. If the nature of problem you encounter means that without reporting you are going to lose money, then circumstances are likely to dictate that you make a call. That is one of the reasons customers call the Asda telephone number 0844 545 7873.

As a leading supermarket chain in the UK, Asda often offers many deals aimed at savings customers their money. The supermarket has always done its promotions around prices. With the recognition that significant discounts can be earned while shopping with the supermarket, many customers will try as much as possible to get in touch so that they can find the best deals. You may know which deals are available from your local Asda store, online or by simply calling Asda contact number 0844 545 7873.


Telephone Customer Service is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected or has any affiliation to Asda. The direct contact number can be found in the public domain or on their official website.

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