DLA Telephone Number 0844 545 6532

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is a benefit paid to people living with disabilities in order to cover the extra costs that result from their physical limitations. Unlike other benefits paid in the UK, DLA is neither means-tested nor does it require tax to be paid. National insurance contributions are also not necessary for one to claim DLA. From 2013, Personal Independence Payment or PIP was introduced as the new benefit that will start replacing DLA. That will be implemented in a phased manner and will affect adults living with disability but within the working age of 16 to 64. At the moment, DLA can only be claimed for a child under the age of 16. In order to understand the changes taking place in regard to the eligibility of claiming DLA, it is important to call the DLA Telephone Number on 0844 545 6532 for the fastest connection through to the relevant government officers that can advise.

DLA Telephone Number 0844 545 6532

DLA usually consists of two parts or components which include the care component and the mobility component. You may claim one of the two components or even the two of them, and the total amount that you will be paid is determined by your circumstances. The care component has 3 possible weekly rates. The highest rate is at £82.30 per week, middle rate at £55.10 per week, and the lowest rate at £21.80 per week. The mobility component has two weekly rates with the higher rate at £57.45 and the lower rate at £21.80. Personal care needs or mobility difficulties determine the rate at which someone is paid if they qualify for DLA in the first place. To claim DLA, you can phone Disability and Careers Service, phone Benefit Enquiry Line, contact local Social Security or Jobs and Benefits office, or download a form available online from GOV.UK website. You can easily get connected to any office you would like to call to claim DLA using the Disability Living Allowance telephone number 0844 545 6532.

Today if you are aged 16 to 64 and would like to claim a benefit for your disability, you must now claim PIP. In most cases, people currently claiming DLA are not required to be assessed for PIP but that is expected to happen from October 2015. However, in some areas DLA claimants have been informed they should claim PIP. If you would like to get clarification over the issue or if it affects your area, you might as well want to dial the number 0844 545 6532 for fast connection through to the relevant office.

If someone has already reached the pension age and they have never claimed DLA, they should instead claim another benefit called Attendance Allowance. Same applies to pensioners who claimed DLA but their last award ended more than a year ago. If someone is within pension age and claimed DLA but the last award ended within the last one year, they should make DLA claim renewal. It is possible for someone to continue claiming DLA even past the pension age. However, you can’t start claiming the mobility component if you haven’t been claiming it before pension age. Even if you have been claiming the mobility component before pension age and your mobility problems worsen, you can’t claim a higher rate for the mobility component. For help on how you can claim DLA after pension age, call DLA customer service on 0844 545 6532 and you will get quick response from knowledgeable officers.

In order to avoid missing your DLA benefit payment, it is absolutely important to claim it straightaway. You must be having disability for at least 3 months before the payment for DLA benefit is due to start. It must also be shown that the disability rule is likely to be satisfied for at least 6 months after payment starts. To understand more about eligibility for claiming the benefit in relation to your specific circumstances, it is a good idea to contact the relevant bodies or offices. Dial 0844 545 6532 to be connected through to talk to advisers. When you call the DLA telephone number on 0844 545 6532, you should expect a five minute call to cost you only 25p (Plus your phone companies access charge ) while your time will be significantly saved.

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