Green Flag Number 0844 545 7900

Green Flag is one of the UK’s well known breakdown companies and has been operating for more than 40 years. When the company started, it provided an alternative breakdown service to that AA had been providing. Instead of using patrolmen, Green Flag relied on a network of garages to enhance response to breakdown calls. The system proved effective in that it allowed local mechanics with good knowledge of the areas where drivers needed roadside assistance after breakdowns. When problems can’t be fixed at the roadside, they tow vehicles to then nearest garages where they are fixed. If you would like to find out more about their breakdown and related services, you can call the Green Flag number 0844 545 7900 and will be connected to their call centre in the shortest time possible.

Millions of customers in the UK and across Europe rely on the Green Flag’s breakdown response which is always rapid and provided 24/7/365. If you use their service and break down, you only need to call 0844 545 7900 for the connection through to the company so that it may send over to you the nearest mechanics to come and help you. Green Flag’s goal is to ensure that their customers are able to continue with their journey to reach their destinations. Their technicians make every effort to repair cars that have broken down right at the roadside, but incase that can’t happen they take the car to a garage the car owner prefers or any Green Flag nearby Green Flag approved garage.

Green Flag provides one of the best breakdown covers in the UK. The company was even awarded as ‘Your Money’s Best Online and Direct Breakdown Cover Provider 2014’, and has also been recently ranked among the top 10 companies with great customer service. The breakdown company also has a 5 Star rating by Defaqto. It is often considered by customers looking for cheap breakdown covers that offer great value for money. If you need a quote from the company, you can call the Green Flag contact number on 0844 545 7900 and a customer service representative will let you know the steps to follow. Green Flag advisers will let you know which of their covers best matches your needs before you go ahead with you purchasing decision.

Green Flag Number 0844 545 7900

Green Flag boasts of a network of technicians with ATA training available to serve their customers nationwide. According to the company’s data collected between February and May 2014, at least 88% of customers give their breakdown technicians a score of at least 8/10 for their service levels. From data collected between January and August 2014, the average time of response based on a total of 495,167 call outs is 44 minutes. Their top level o cover in the UK is rated 5 star by Defaqto which is an independent company that carries out research. Customers can get even greater convenience and satisfaction with the customer service that Green Flag provides by taking advantage of dialing 0844 545 7900 for the fastest connection.

Unlike most similar companies, Green Flag provides a family cover in addition but not instead of the vehicle cover. With the family cover, three members of your family can be protected not just when driving but also when travelling in other vehicles in the UK. The vehicles must not be older than 16 years and should be privately registered within the UK. When you get the personal cover from Green Flag, it will also cover any other family member from your household if you are travelling in the UK. The Green Flag personal cover still covers anyone else in your vehicle. Whenever you need to call out a Green Flag breakdown technician, the Green Flag telephone number 0844 545 7900 guarantees the fastest connection you need to avoid delays in getting to your destination.

Green Flag is undauntedly one of the breakdown companies that easily stand out of the rest for its level of service. They have a strong online presence with a platform that makes it easier for customers to find their products and get quotes. The Green Flag number 0844 545 7900 provides one of the best contact alternatives customers can take advantage of to make call outs, enquiries or related requests to the UK breakdown company.

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