Groupon Contact Number Call: 0844 545 6557

Groupon entered into the UK market by acquiring MyCityDeal in 2010, and continued to offer deals that allow direct savings for customers as well as traders. The model of business leverages on the power of collective buying. Groupon negotiates for discounted deals with traders and then goes ahead to make the deals available to its customers if enough of them actually sign up for the deal. Groupon usually communicates available deals to customers via email who have subscribed for the service. The subscriptions are mainly done on its official website where a customer begins by providing an email address and selecting their city for local deals. Many of the customers taking advantage of deals from Groupon often need to make enquiries, complaints or to communicate with the company for a variety of reasons related with the service. They can do that using the Groupon contact number by calling customer service on 0844 545 6557.

Although Groupon’s business model has many critics who claim it’s not sustainable, the service still continues to be popular in the UK as it is in the rest of Europe, having originated from North America. Customers easily find deals from a wide range of traders that Groupon negotiates with. Most deals can save customers as much as half the amount of the prices they would otherwise pay directly to traders. The fact that when a large number of customers sign up for a particular deal brings an opportunity for more sales to a trader means Groupon can successfully continue to secure more deals across the sectors. When customers experience any issues in the course of redeeming their vouchers, they are able to call the Groupon customer service number on 0844 545 6557 and agents

Groupon Contact Number Call: 0844 545 6557

Groupon makes its money by sharing between itself and traders the amounts paid by customers through its service. Merchants usually do not pay up front participation costs and therefore that seems to be another factor that attracts more deals for the service. However, there have been concerns that some traders at times are not able to satisfactorily serve customers when they suddenly come in large numbers. More concerns about the accuracy of information provided with some deals have also been expressed. All these issues have prompted the QFT to push Groupon to improve the way the do business in the UK market. Groupon has cooperated and complied with most of the demands, but that doesn’t mean customers will not experience unexpected issues from time to time. Through the Groupon telephone number 0844 545 6557, most of the customers can have their issues resolved successfully.

The business model used by Groupon is definitely not perfect and most of the issues that customers may need resolved originate from traders. When a trader isn’t able to deliver because of an upsurge in demand that may exceed it supply of items, all the complaints will still be made to Groupon. That is why the electronic commerce company has a dedicated customer service department to handle the variety of issues that may potentially be experienced by customers. The Groupon number 0844 545 6557 provides a fast connection through to customer service representatives who help address all the issues coming from customers. The calling rates for this number in the UK are highly affordable with every 5 minute call only costing 25p (Plus your phone companies access charge)

Since Groupon provides its deals online mainly communicating to customers via its website and emails, they are bound to call the Groupon customer service telephone number 0844 545 6557 when inadequacies in communication occur for certain deals offered. As the number of Groupon deals in the UK continues to increase, a myriad of challenges may pop up in the future and the Groupon helpline will even be more important.


Despite all the challenges, customers and traders alike continue to realise there are numerous benefits Groupon offers to them. It has actually deeply penetrated areas of leisure and lifestyle in the UK as trends with most deals available indicate. Customers are also increasingly becoming aware of the type of deals that best work for them without many issues expected in the process of redeeming their vouchers. However, the Groupon contact number 0844 545 6557 will always remain important for all customers that want to continue enjoying highly discounted prices via Groupon.


DISCLAIMER Telephone Customer Service is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected or has any affiliation to Groupon. The direct contact number can be found in the public domain or on their official website.



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