Twitter Contact Number 0843 013 0055

Twitter DO NOT OFFER TELEPHONE SUPPORT but for anything else you should dial 0843 013 0055 now.

Twitter is a popular social media network – the idea of Twitter focuses on micro-blogging. Users have a maximum of 140 characters per tweet in order to articulate their messages. It’s a challenge that millions of people from around the world have accepted – Twitter is one of the most widely used social networks in the world. It’s especially popular with celebrities – it offers them an easy, direct way to converse with their followers and fans. Twitter is amazingly popular – that popularity is only going to increase as time goes by.

You can use Twitter to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world – it’s like a virtual news feed. The second an incident happens anywhere in the world there are usually first hand witnesses talking about it on Twitter. It’s a truly unique tool and it’s a sign of the times. Twitter is also great for keeping tabs on what friends, family and work colleagues are up to you. By following people you know, you’ll see their tweets when they post them. Telephone Customer Service offer this number as a signposting service only which will contact you to Twitter but with whom we are in no way affiliated to. An alternative number can be found on their website.

31 thoughts on “Twitter Contact Number 0843 013 0055

  1. I cannot tweet or send tweets to people on my person laptop. Why is this?

    Anyone help?

  2. This phone number is fake because every time I try calling them my phone said this your call can not be completed and dialed please check the number and dial again thank you

  3. Hi there I realised that my @Jay1Official account has been suspended and locked my question is how do I get my twitter account working normally again? Because its been over a week now…anyone?

  4. my daughter is trying to deactivate her account but there isnt an option to deactivate. The instructions state that there is a button on the bottom of her account page but there isnt

  5. Everytime i try to follow someone it tells my accaccount has bein suspended please help m i have tried evrythng.

  6. Question?? If I post something on the review will Twitter communicate with me?
    I’m having major issues with Twitter.
    The online help centre has not been able to help me at all.

  7. I just want to delete my account but i cant do it on my smartphone..It seems when the vast majority of people use smartphones and this procedure would seem a basic use of them..Seems like a poor sevice

  8. well it a very good platform but unfortunately there are no customer service direct number access and also been sending email saying will get a response from them within 48 hrs but nothing till today will gladly appreciate if someone could help and assist in this process of not being able to access the account login details not recognised.

  9. I have daily additional followers however I am loosing followers on twitter 150 in few days
    There is a fault with twitter

    It’s very annoying and unconvinient that there is no customer support availible as all other social networks do

  10. Hello please can you help me to get on twitter about the buzz okaf I can’t use my past because can’t cnet my past word please trying again
    Hannah Derbyshire

  11. Hellow im trying to call u..about my old twitter acct donald c. Oliverio /@zo0opercute
    Coz i forgot my password and i dont have any acess
    With my old email
    Pls help me out……u can reply on my gmail

  12. When I open bollywood actress mallika sherawath twitter account I found soo many other accounts with my photo as their profile pic and with different names.
    Pls solve this issue. Contact me soon

  13. I’ve tried contacting you several times with no reply. I don’t remember my password and no longer on the old email address

  14. HI
    I work with the Movenpick Hotel in Accra Ghana, we are having difficulties in accessing the Movenpick twitter website,
    Annie Terminet who was the administrator had the twitter password and login but has left the company. please how Can we get access to this account.
    Also tell them it is linked to our newsletter and we need to update.

  15. Hi there my friend set my Twitter up about a year ago and iv never been logged out. Now iv got a new phone it’s logged me out. I don’t know the password and the email he set up isn’t mine. I don’t talk to the person that set my Twitter up anymore. Can you help. My Twitter account is @itsallabout4b. I can answer any questions about my account I just don’t know the email or password they have used. Thanks

  16. Hi I haven’t used my twitter account for over a year, my friend had emailed me to inform me that they think my account may have been hacked. However, the email address that I was using was a university address and since I no longer attend university it no longer exists. How can I request a password reset?

  17. Hi can you please help me, im running a fundraising page for my 2yr old son who has cancer and needs £555,000 for treatment in USA a few month ago I had my ex partners cousin helping me with the page, I no longer want her on there, ive changed the password and somehow shes still getting helping on and shes trying to jeopardise his fundraising, by deleting inbox messages, removing profile/background pics and putting on sarcastic comments towards people who are offering to help. Her name is nikki jayne english and her twitter tag is @njenglish thank you for your time. Kians mum.

  18. Hello I need someone to contact me ASAP about taking some pictures. Off an account of my little boy that someone else has put on please can u help me ASAP my number is 07XXXXXXXXX

  19. Hi there

    I’m locked out of my company twitter account. The account is linked to my Facebook page and you can see that it’s a legit account. We think it was opened by our old design agency, they have no recollection of it and when I request a new password it goes to an email address no one in my office receives. Please help!

  20. you guys are a joke spent hours trying to contact twitter because of a problem and the phone no cant be used in australia grow up guys every other site has direct nos to contact im defenitely cancelling twitter that is if i can contact them legally twitter must have this service disappointed

  21. My account has been hacked by someone in Russia? They have changed everything so i can even look up my account when trying to reset the password. Also when i type in my password its not recognised? This person has all my pictures and its starting to freak me out. Also the stuff she posts on there is horrible. I need help.

  22. Hi, You should call Twitter On 0844 545 7853 for assistance.


  23. why was my account full of spam of follower booster or something and someone can retweet as my account?i have already report or blocked that spams account. But it stil continously showed up at my page and it was very annoying and my account suspended.Please help:(

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