Working Tax Credit Phone Number 0844 545 6555

In the UK, Working Tax Credit is a benefit designed to top up the earnings of individuals who work for at least a certain number of minimum hours for low income. Your income level and other circumstances determine the total payable amount for the benefit. Calling the Working Tax Credit number on 0844 545 6555 is the surest way to establish a fast connection to the Tax Credit Office where any help regarding the benefit can be obtained. You can call the number to inquire about your eligibility or any other issue related to the benefit. The office receives calls connected from the number 0844 545 6555 to provide help and answers on a wide range of issues. People may call just to make sure they are receiving maximum benefits which they may become entitled to depending on changes on their circumstances.

 Working Tax Credit Phone Number Call: 0844 545 6555Working Tax Credit Phone Number Call: 0844 545 6555

Eligibility for claiming the benefit depends on the number of hours you work on a weekly basis, while you must be at least 16 years of age if you have a child or disability, or 25 years and over whether you have a child or not. Couples can also claim working tax credit up to a certain amount that also depends on the number of weekly working hours between them, and other circumstances. One requirement to claim the benefit as a couple is that the combined number of working hours between you and your spouse must be at least 24, with one of you working for at least 16 hours per week. The Working Tax Credit contact number provides a reliable means of getting in touch with the Tax Credit Office to report any change in an individual’s circumstances, make enquiries and more. The connection to the office is effected via a call on 0844 545 6555 and the relevant personnel promptly responds to provide the help you need.

In addition to the number of weekly working hours and the amount of income you earn, having disability or paying for childcare can also determine the amount of Working Tax Credit you can get. The Working Tax credit helpline allows you to call the relevant office when you need to confirm how your current circumstances affect your benefit. Call the number on 0844 545 6555 as often as needed to keep your Working Tax Credit up-to-date. Claims are renewed annually by 31st July from the time of receiving written communication from the Tax Credit Office. They write instructing you what to do make sure your payments are correct. The amount you get is mainly affected by change of circumstances either at work or at home. So if get a new job or lose one, if your spouse dies, if you get disability, or if you become responsible for childcare, such changes in your circumstances should be reported to the office by calling Working Tax Credits helpline on 0844 545 6555.

You may be able to claim Working Tax Credit paying up to approximately 70% of childcare costs if you meet all the necessary eligibility criteria. If you work and have children, you might also be able to claim Child Tax Credit in addition to the Working Tax Credit. These two different types of payments can actually be claimed using the same form on which they both appear. You get all the clarifications made upon calling the Working Tax Credit telephone number on 0844 545 6555.

Currently, the Working Tax Credit is being phased out and by the year 2017 will be replaced by Universal Credit. You can call the Working Tax Credits contact number on 0844 545 6555 to ask for any information relating to the transition. The Tax Credit Office can advise you if you need to do anything during the period of effecting the transition.

The need to call the Working Tax Credits telephone number can arise because of one of numerous possible reasons. Whether you want to update the concerned office of anything that has changed relating your employment and income status, or a change that affects your family, calling 0844 545 6555 is the most convenient to report or obtain the necessary information. The Working Tax Credit number will only cost you 25p for a 5 minute call.

Telephone Customer Service is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected or has any affiliation to Working Tax Credits. The direct contact number can be found in the public domain or on their official website.



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