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ESA Employment and Support Allowance                                                                

If you suffer from ill health or a disability that can hamper your ability to work or engage in work related activities you may be entitled to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). There are tests carried out to determine if you really qualify to any of the payments that can be made under ESA.

Contributory ESA and income-related ESA are the two types of ESA that you can get depending on the outcome of the tests for each. You may get both or just one of the benefits depending on your circumstances. Calling the ESA number on 0844 545 7933 allows you to get the connection you need to claim ESA from your local Jobcentre Plus office. Since there is a lot that you may need to know about ESA and what happens if your circumstances change, calling the number that can link you to the Jobcentre Plus claim-line where you can get help will be very helpful.

ESA Number Call: 0844 545 7933

Understanding ESA qualification rules is very important if you are considering making a claim for the benefits available. A work capability assessment is used to test if your ability to work is actually limited. Your age must be between 16 and the state pension age. ESA claims usually stop once you reach the pension qualification age. You are not expected to be working, although some work activities are allowed. There are residence tests and presence tests that you will also need to satisfy. Specific tests apply for contributory ESA and income-related ESA. When you need help to know whether you qualify for the benefits or not, the ESA Contact Number will come in handy. After calling it on 0844 545 7933 you will be able to find the right person to talk to so that you may understand all the rules that normally

If you claim ESA and receive the benefits you qualify for, sometimes it is possible not to know how a change in your circumstances can affect the benefits. You do not want to receive lesser payment amounts than you should. Neither do you want to get overpaid, which in some cases may be suspected as ESA fraud and may disqualify you. You should contact the relevant local office so that they can know how your circumstances are changing, and adjust your payments accordingly. If you get ESA and also have a child under your care, you will be advised to claim child tax credit. Maintaining contact is therefore critical, and that is what the ESA helpline on 0844 545 7933 makes easier for you to accomplish.

A contributory test determines whether you qualify for contributory ESA. That takes into account your national insurance contributions for certain tax years. A flat-rate payment for the benefit is what you will receive if you pass that test. However, the payment is usually limited for 1 year if you are not placed in the support group. If you are tested for income-related ESA and pass, the benefit is usually awarded on top of the contributory ESA. Call the ESA telephone number on 0844 545 7933 to enquire more about ESA in relation to your circumstances. You will speak to the officers who can give you the best advice to help you. Even when you do not qualify for contributory ESA, you may still test for income-related ESA get it if you pass. The test for the income-related ESA usually takes into account your earnings and savings as well as those of your partner if you do have one. This type of benefit can include payments that you can use for mortgage interest payments or to meet other housing costs. If you think your circumstances might allow you to pass for this type of ESA, you may have to call 0844 545 7933 and that will be confirmed to you as soon.

Telephone Customer Service offer this number as a signposting service only which will contact you to ESA through Jobcentre Plus but with whom we are in no way affiliated to. An alternative number can be found on their website. See Terms and Conditions

Telephone Customer Service provides the ESA number to call on 0844 545 7933, and the number connects you to the relevant office where you get instant help with all your queries or issues. makes it easier for you to find the number 0844 545 7933 which costs only 5p per minute and will save you the hassle of both time spent looking for the correct number to call and the monetary cost of calling.

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