Income Support Number Call: 0844 545 6556

Income Support is claimed by people living in the UK that meet certain conditions: if you are not working for more than 16 hours per week, or you and your partner have low or no income, you may be illegible to claim Income Support. With no income at all you get an allowance of least £37.35, but there are many circumstances that can determine the actual amount that you are supposed to get at any given point in time. Calling an Income Support number on 0844 545 6556 helps you when you need any specific information about Income Support. You are connected to the relevant offices like your local Jobs & Benefits or the Social Security office. That way you will get the right information about any issues that may be affecting your current Income Support and related benefits.

You can easily find an Income Support contact number because Telephone Customer Service provides you all the contact numbers in one place for your convenience. The most popular way of claiming Income Support is telephoning or calling your local Jobs & Benefits or the Social Security office. You may also write for the same purpose, but you will get help much faster by calling. If you face any difficulties or do not understand something about Income Support, call 0844 545 6556 and you will be easily connected to the office where everything can be clarified to your satisfaction.

Understanding all the specific conditions that you must satisfy in order to claim Income Support is very important. For Income Support eligibility, you must be at least 16 years of age but below the age of qualifying for Pension Credit. You may also be illegible if you are pregnant, or the only parent caring for a child aged below 5 years, and are not able to work because of sickness or disability. If your income is very low or you have no income, and your partner is also in any of those circumstances, you also qualify for Income Support. Working less than 16 hours per week and having a partner working for less than 24 hours a week will also be considered a qualification for Income Support. You must be living in the UK for any other qualification to be considered. If you are not sure whether in your circumstances are illegible for Income Support, calling 0844 545 6556 will connect you to the relevant office where your qualification can be confirmed and are advised on what exactly to do thereafter. The Income Support telephone number starting with 0844 costs you as little as 5p per minute, so it should be the best option for you.

Income Support Contact Number Call: 0844 545 6556

Change in your circumstances can also occur during the period of claiming Income Support. That may have to do with your income, address, savings or even people that are in your household. If you are aware of any such circumstances that have changed then it will be your sole responsibility to contact the JobCentre Plus for further advice and adjustments in the income you are legally entitled to.

Getting the numbers for every office that you may need to call at any given time isn’t always easy. If you call 0844 545 6556, the Income Support helpline will easily connect you and the right people will be available to provide assistance.

There are other benefits you could get if you claim Income Support. Using a benefits calculator from and related websites is one way of determining the various amounts of benefits you qualify for. The process isn’t always convenient for everyone, so calling is often the best option for most people who need that assistance. The contact number shouldn’t be a problem at all as you can simply call 0844 545 6556 for the fastest connection you need to get help.

Telephone Customer Service offer this number as a signposting service only which will contact you to Income Support but with whom we are in no way affiliated to. An alternative number can be found on their website. See Terms and Conditions

Although the Income Support number you call on 0844 545 6556 as provided by Telephone Customer Service is not official for any Social Security or Jobs & Benefits office, it’s purpose is to connect to the same offices which are mandated to assist you. It provides the option you need because searching for any other number might prove costly or tedious. Like all numbers available at Telephone Customer Service, it starts with 0844 and therefore makes your call very affordable.

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