Lloyds Contact Number Call: 0844 545 6542

Lloyds TSB was the bank formed after the 1995 merger between Lloyds and TSB. After the merger and fulfillment of all the statutory requirements, business started its operations in 1999. In terms of the market share, the Lloyds TSB became the largest bank in the UK market. But in terms of market capitalization the bank was second largest only to Midland Bank which today is the HSBC. The bank remained in operation until a divestment was necessary in 2013. With the two banks going separate ways after being in operation for 15 years, the need for customer service with each of the banks became critical to manage the transition for its customers. The Lloyds contact number 0844 545 6542 links customers with the knowledgeable staff populating the customer services departments of the formerly merged banks.

Whether as a customer at any point in time need to know anything regarding the transition from the merger between Lloyds and TSB to the current independent banks, all the answers can be found after calling the Lloyds number on 0844 545 6542. It takes only a few seconds to be connected through to speak to a customer service agent who provides the help and support you may need. Lloyds TSB channels of communication between the banks and their customers still remain open, so that even after the banks went separate customers understand the transition process and at least which of the two banks they bank with.

Lloyds Contact Number  Call: 0844 545 6542

Both Lloyds and TSB have online platforms that allow customers to log into their accounts and access any information they might need 24/7. Online banking options including help and support are made available for the convenience of customers. If you have an account with any these banks and are registered for online banking it is easy to do your banking transactions online and access bank statements or other important pieces of information. If for any reason you are not able to log into your account, you can follow all the procedures recommended to resolve the problem. One of the options would be to call Lloyds customer service number on 0844 545 6542. For any other issue, you would still have a choice to either access help and support online or call the number which links you customer services.

After going separate, the Lloyds bank still offers a wide range of banking products including mortgages, loans, savings accounts, current accounts, insurance products and much more. Personal banking services are conveniently accessed online and on the go via a mobile app. You may enjoy any of these services in flexible ways but sometimes may also encounter challenges that demand help. The Lloyds helpline comes in handy for you with the only thing you need to do being to call 0844 545 6542. It doesn’t take long before a competent customer service agent talks to you and helps resolve any issues.


The Lloyds customer services department is usually divided into sections that handle different issues from customers. That makes it easier to resolve most of the issues faster without causing any delays to customers. When you call the Lloyds telephone number 0844 545 6542, you are connected through to the right section depending on the nature of your query or issue for which you need help. You only speak to an experienced customer service representative who is knowledgeable about the issue you need help with. That significantly expedites the resolution of the issues and at the end leaves you as customer more satisfied. Lloyds as one of the most popular banks in the UK is innovative and constantly keeps improving its customer service in every way possible.

Whether you have had your account with the Lloyds bank before it separated from TSB, or have just opened one recently, you can reach their customer services using the Lloyds contact number 0844 545 6542. Although vast amounts of information are available and easily accessible online, you always have the freedom of choosing which way you would like to get help. If you prefer the contact number 0844 545 6542, just go ahead and call it with confidence that any help you seek will be promptly provided to you. Every call using the number will only cost you 5p per minute (Plus your phone companies access charge).


Telephone Customer Service is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected or has any affiliation to Lloyds Bank. The direct contact number can be found in the public domain or on their official website.

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