RBS Contact Number: 0844 545 7918

The RBS or Royal Bank of Scotland is a banking and financial services company with headquarters in Edinburg, Scotland. The company has a subsidiary in the UK and serves millions of customers in Europe, Americas, Asia and the Middle East. The universal banking group provides a scope of financial services to individuals, retails, corporate and financial institutions. If you are encountering a problem with your RBS account or need some advice when joining the bank as an account holder, call the RBS contact number on 0844 545 7918. The customer service phone number is answered by professional customer friendly advisors who can help you with making sound decision on investments, savings, loans and travel currency as well as national and international financial transfers.

RBS has a reputable customer service to its existing customers. If your credit cards have been stolen if they have got lost, you should immediately dial RBS helpline on 0844 545 7918 for assistance. Over your phone conversation with the RBS customer service agent, you will need to provide certain information for prompt help. Such include your account number, where and when you last used your card and where and when it was lost or stolen. Providing this essential information will help you withdraw cash at an ATM. In cases where you suspect that your card details have been used fraudulently, report directly to RBS using the customer service number to prevent fraudulent access to your account.

RBS Contact Number: 0844 545 7918

Sometimes a short-term need for liquidity may push you to sell your long- term assets. If you not sure on the best move to make, you can consider calling the RBS number on 0844 545 7918 to get financial guidance. The RBS offers credit solutions to its diverse clients that will provide liquidity for personal, investment or business needs in the most efficient way. By calling the RBS team on their helpline, you can explain your cash flow requirements. This helps the bank to provide you with flexible withdrawals to fulfill your liquidity needs in a timely manner.

Investing in real estate is a brilliant idea especially if you identify the right investment opportunity. Whether you wish to have a perfect home for you and your family or want to invest in commercial property, RBS can help you achieve your investment objectives. The bank’s financial services will help you achieve a valuable long-term asset in the existing booming real estate market. The bank will also ensure provision of liquidity that will enable you peruse your asset. By contacting RBS customer service number on 0844 545 7918, you will be connected with the best financial institutions and property consultants. RBS carries out due diligence on the market expertise of all the institutions you are dealing with on your behalf. You can contact the RBS customer service team if you want to engage in the buying and selling of property for the best Return On Investment (ROI), investing through securities or owning property yourself. The vital information on real estate providers is very essential in helping you carry out sound transactions when investing in real estate property. This can also save you from future risks that you may not foresee in the initial stages of investment.

You can easily dial the Royal Bank of Scotland customer support number if you wish to have a discussion on how to access a loan for a special purchase. This could be a loan to finance a perfect holiday with your partner or family or even to finance your car purchase. RBS telephone number is 0844 545 7918 that is serviced by a pool of professional advisors all day and night.  You can also request for assistance over the phone on getting mortgages for buying a home, moving home or re-mortgaging to RBS.


The RBS has several branches across the UK, you can visit your nearest office in person if you have a need or call their customer service number for assistance or arrange for an appointment with an expert advisor in whatever financial need you have. Dialing the RBS contact number on 0844 545 7918 is the most convenient way to discuss all your financial needs since emails may take sometime to be responded to and visiting the location branches may cost you some of your precious time.


Telephone Customer Service is a telephone directory and call routing service and is not connected or has any affiliation to RBS. The direct contact number can be found in the public domain or on their official website.

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